Unit Conversion

Length Metric units, imperial system, small units, large units, astronomical units, etc.

Area Metric units, imperial system, agrarian units.

Volume Metric units, liter multiples, imperial system, American system, cooking recipe unit.

Time Units of time and duration: from smallest units to millennium... .

Pressure International system units, imperial system.

Mass Metric system units, US system, imperial units.

Speed Iinternational system units, imperial system.

Acceleration Metric units, US/UK Customary units.

Angle Degree, radian, grad and derived units, other units

Temperature Celsius degree, Kelvin and Fahrenheit.

Force International system and other units.

Moment and couple of force Moment and couple of force units.

Energy Joule and multiples, calorie and multiples, watt, etc.

Power Multiples and divisions of watt, horsepower, US/UK Customary units, etc.

Data Storage bit, octet, byte, kibit, kibibyte, kibibyte, kibibyte.

Bandwidth derived units from bit, octet, byte, kibit, kibibyte, kibibyte, kibibyte.

Density kg/m3, its multiples and divisions, liter system and US/UK Customary units.

Volume flow rate m3/s, its multiples and divisions, minute, hour and day units and US/UK Customary units.

Mass flow rate metric system, US system, imperial units.

Frequency Hertz, cycle, degree, and radian.

Illuminance lux, lumen, candela and derived units, nox, phot...

Specific heat capacity Joule, watt and calorie derived units...

Electrical Potential and Voltage Volt and multiples, volt divisions, CGS-EMU system.

Electrical current Ampere, its multiples and divisions, the CGS-EMU system.

Electrical Resistance Ohm, its multiples and divisions, the CGS-EMU system.

Electrical Resistivity Ohm meter, ohm inch/foot units, CGS-EMU system.

Angular Speed rad/s, radian, degree and revolution derived units.

Angular Acceleration rad/s2, radian, degree and revolution derived units.

Magnetic field Tesla, its multiples and divisions, gauss, weber and maxwell derived units...

Electric charge Multiples and divisions of coulomb, CGS system, ampere derived units, faraday.

Electrical Capacitance Farad, its multiples and divisions, CGS system.

Inductance Henry, its multiples and divisions, CGS-EMU system.

Electrical Conductivity Siemens per meter and other units

Electrical Conductance Siemens and other units

Amount of substance Mole, its multiples and divisions, lb-mol...

Molar mass g/mol, kg/mol, mg/mol, etc.

Molar Concentration mol/l, mmol/l, micromole/l, molar derived units, US/UK Customary units.

Molality mol/g, mol/kg, mmol/g, etc.

Mass Concentration g/l, kg/l, g/dl, g/m3.

Equivalent Dose Sievert, its divisions and rem (roentgen equivalent man).

Kinematic viscosity metric system, CGS system and US/UK customary

Dynamic viscosity metric system, CGS system and US/UK customary

Wave number 1/cm, 1/m, 1/nm.

Mass moment of inertia kg.m2 and other units from metric system and US/UK Customary

Spring constant N/m and other units.

Water hardness ppm, f, GH, mg/L, clark and others units

Electron Mobility m2/V/s and cm2/V/s units

Molar Conductivity S.m2/mol, S.cm2/mol and others units

Radioactivity Becquerel and other units

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