Matrix and vector

Operations on matrices Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of matrices.

Matrix determinant Calculates the determinant of a matrix.

Matrix trace Calculates the trace of a matrix.

Matrix rank Calculates the rank of a matrix.

Matrix eigenvalues Calculates eigenvalues of a matrix.

Matrix eigenvectors Calculates eigenvectors of a matrix.

Matrix permanent Calculates the permanent of a matrix.

Matrix transformation Matrix transformation calculator

Matrix inverse Calculation of the inverse of a square matrix.

Transpose matrix Calculation of the transpose of a matrix.

Cofactor matrix Calculation of the matrix of cofactors.

Conjugate matrix Calculation of the conjugate of a matrix.

Adjoint matrix Calculation of the adjoint matrix.

Conjugate transpose Calculation of the conjugate transpose matrix.

Matrix Approximation Calculates a matrix approximation.

Properties of a matrix Check the properties of a matrix : singular, invertible, positive definite, orthogonal, normal and others.

Characteristic Polynomial Matrix Characteristic polynomial calculator

Minimal polynomial Matrix minimal polynomial calculator

Linear Solver Resolution of a linear system with n equations and n unknowns.

Image of a vector Calculation of the image of a vector by a linear application defined by a matrix.

Vector calculator Calculation of vector norm, orthogonal vector, normalization of a vector.

Two Vectors calculator Two Vectors dot and cross product. Addition and Subtraction. Angle and Vector projection.

Three coplanar vectors checks if three vectors are coplanar

Other calculators