Equation of 1st degree This tool is a first degree Equation Solver.

Quadratic Equation This calculator is a Quadratic equation Solver

Cubic Equation This tool is a Cubic Equation Solver.

Square root Tool that calculates the square root of a real number.

Cubic root This calculator computes the cubic root of a number.

Root Calculator This Tool calculates the n-th root of a real number.

Log base-10 Logarithm Calculator.

Log base n base-n Logarithm Calculator.

Natural log Natural or Napierian Logarithm Calculator.

Antilogarithm This tool computes the Antilogarithm function.

Cross multiplication Enter three number and calculate the forth by Cross-multiplying.

Square Calculator This tools calculates the square of a given number.

Cube Calculator This tool is a Cube Calculator.

Decimal division Decimal division Calculator

Expression Calculator Calculate and simplifies an expression

Factor an Expression with numbers, fractions, variables and common functions.

Algebraic Identities or Remarkable Identities

Other calculators