Equation of 1st degree This tool is a first degree Equation Solver.

Quadratic Equation This calculator is a Quadratic equation Solver

Cubic Equation This tool is a Cubic Equation Solver.

Square root Tool that calculates the square root of a real number.

Cubic root This calculator computes the cubic root of a number.

Root Calculator This Tool calculates the n-th root of a real number.

Log base-10 Logarithm Calculator.

Log base n base-n Logarithm Calculator.

Natural log Natural or Napierian Logarithm Calculator.

Antilogarithm This tool computes the Antilogarithm function.

Cross multiplication Enter three number and calculate the forth by Cross-multiplying.

Square Calculator This tools calculates the square of a given number.

Cube Calculator This tool is a Cube Calculator.

Decimal division Decimal division Calculator

Expression Calculator Calculate and simplifies an expression

Factor an Expression with numbers, fractions, variables and common functions.

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