Cubic Equation

Cubic Equation Solver :   `ax^3+bx^2+cx+d=0`.
Coefficients may be real or complex numbers.

How to use this calculator ?

This calculator is a cubic equation (ax3+bx2+cx+d=0) solver.
It calculates the exact solutions when they exist and also gives a numerical approximation of them.

Coefficients input

Here are some hints to help you enter the coefficients of the equation.
  1. Accepted inputs are,
    • integers, example: 5, -7
    • fractions, example: 1/3 or -2/9
    • decimal values, example: 3.9 or -9.65
    • constants, example: pi or e
    • common functions, for example: sin(pi/5)
    • square root operator, example : input sqrt(3) or 3^0.5 for `sqrt(3)`
    • complex numbers, example : 1+i ou -i
  2. To enter a product of two factors, use the * operator. For example: enter 2*pi and not 2pi.

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