Ideal gas Law

`P * V = n*R*T`
Calculator of the ideal gas equation.
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This calculator uses the ideal gas equation which is valid only at relatively low pressures (usually below 10 atm) where interactions between gas molecules are negligible. The equation is as folllows,

`P * V = n * R * T`

P: pressure in pascal (Pa)
V: volume in cubic meter
n: amount of substance in mol
R: Ideal Gas Constant, `R \approx 8.314463\ J*mol^{-1}*K^{-1}`
T: temperature in Kelvin

The equation of ideal gas law is the result of several laws previously discovered: the Boyle's Law, the Gay-Lussac Law, the Charles's Law, the Avogadro's law and Dalton's Law.

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