Boyle's Law

`P_2 * V_2 = P_1 * V_1 `
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Boyle's law expresses the relationship, at constant temperature, between two volumes of gas with the same amount of substance but under different pressures.

This law is valid for ideal gases. This assumes that the gas molecules do not interact with each other apart from the random shocks between them. This condition is fulfilled for almost all gases under normal pressure and temperature conditions.

`P_2 * V_2 = P_1 * V_1`

V1: volume 1 in cubic meter
P1: pressure of gas of volume V1 (in pascal)
V2: volume 2 in cubic meter
P2: pressure of gas of volume V2 (in pascal)

Another way to write Boyle's law is as follows:
Under normal conditions of pressure and temperature, at constant temperature and amount of substance, we have P × V = constant.
P being the pressure and V the volume of the gas.

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