Uniform rectilinear motion

`d = v * t`
Equation of a uniform rectilinear motion.
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Equation of a uniform rectilinear motion

Uniform rectilinear motion is characterized by:
- a straight line trajectory,
- a constant direction of motion,
- a constant speed of motion equal to the initial speed.

From a vector point of view, the velocity vector is constant over time:

`\vec(v) = \vec(v_0)`,
`\vec(v_0)` being the initial speed vector.

Some consequences of these properties:
- acceleration, measuring the change in speed over time, is zero at all times.
- The object in motion travels equal distances in equal intervals of time.

Equations of uniform rectilinear motion can be written in this way,

a : acceleration at the instant t
v : speed at the instant t
v0 : initial speed at the instant t=0
d : displacement at the instant t

Then, at any instant t,

`a = 0`
`v = v_0`
`d = v * t`

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