Sequence Limit

Find the limit of a Sequence at infinity : `lim_(n -> +oo) a_n`
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How to use this calculator ?

Follow the same guidelines as in this calculator Sequence value.


- Find the limit of `a_n = (4*n)/sqrt(n+1)` at infinity ?
Réponse : +oo

- Calculate `lim_(n -> +oo)(4*n^2+3*n-1)/(n^2+1)`
Answer : 4

- Calculate `a_n` limit at infinity with `a_n = log(n)/n`
Answer : 0

Limit determinate forms

We note:
p (as positive) a non-zero positive real number,
n (as negative) a non-zero negative real number,
q (a non-zero number with undeterminated sign),
`+oo`, positive infinity,
`-oo`, nagative infinity,
`oo`, infinity (with undefined sign).

Determinate forms: addition and subtraction
`+oo+oo = +oo` `-oo-oo = -oo`
`q + (+oo) = +oo` `q + (-oo) = -oo`
Determinate forms: multiplication and division
`+oo. +oo = +oo` `-oo. -oo = +oo`
`p. (+oo) = +oo` `n. (+oo) = -oo`
`p. (-oo) = -oo` `n. (-oo) = +oo`
`(+oo)/p = +oo` `(+oo)/n = -oo`
`(-oo)/p = -oo` `(-oo)/n = +oo`
`q/oo = 0` `0/oo = 0`
Determinate forms with power operator
`0^(+oo) = 0` `0^(-oo) = oo`

Limit indeterminate forms

`+oo - oo`
`0. oo`

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