Parallel line

This tool calculates the equation of a parallel line to a given line (of equation y = mx + p), passing through a point of coordinates (a,b).


How to calculate the parallel line to a given line, passing through a point ?

(See representation above)

Given a line D of equation (y = m * x + p), we want to calculate the equation of the line E that is parallel to D and passing through a given point M of coordinates (a,b).

We denote :
M : point of coordonates (a , b)
D : line of equation y = mx + p
E : parallel line to D passing through point M.
E equation is y = nx + q. We search for n and q values.

Formulas are the following :

n = m , because two parallel lines have the same slope.
q = b - na, since E passes through M.

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