Negative binomial distribution Probabilities

Calculates probabilities under a Negative binomial distribution.
The random variable counts the number of failures before n successes are achieved. p is the probability of success of a single trial.

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Negative binomial distribution formulas

X is a random variable that follows a negative binomial distribution. It counts the number of failures before n successes.
p is the success probability of a single trial.
P(X = k) is the probability of having exactly k failures before n successes.

Probability Density Function (PDF)

`P(X = k) = ([k+n-1],[k]) * p^n*(1-p)^k`
where `([n], [k])` is the binomial coefficient also called 'n choose k',
`([n], [k]) = (n!)/(k! * (n-k)!)`

Cumulative distribution function (CDF)

`F(x) = I_p(n,k+1)`

where `I_p` is the regularized incomplete beta function,

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