Gravity Work on Inclined Plane

`W = m*d*h*sin(theta)`
Calculator of Gravity Work of an object sliding on an inclined plane.
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This tool calculates the weight work of an object sliding on an inclined plane, the object having made a move d. The formula of work in this case is as follows:

`W = m * g * d * sin(theta)`

m: mass of the object in kg
g: gravitation constant of the place where the object is located (on Earth `g \approx 9.81` in m/s2)
d: displacement of the object on the inclined plane in meters
`theta`: angle of inclination of plane relative to ground in degree (`0 <= theta <= 90`)
W: work in joule

Special Cases

- For `theta` = 90°, the plane is perpendicular to the ground. This is the particular case of a free-fall object treated here: Gravity Work

- For `theta` = 0°, the plane is the ground in fact. The object is in stable equilibrium on the ground under the action of two opposing forces (the weight and reaction force exerted by the ground). There is no displacement so the work is zero.

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