Molar volume of gas

`V_m = (R*T)/P`
Calculator of molar volume of gas.
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This tool calculates the molar volume of a gas according to the following formula,

`V_m = (R*T)/P`

Vm: molar volume of gas in cubic meter per mol (m3/mol)
P: gas pressure in pascal (Pa)
T: gas temperature in Kelvin
R: Ideal Gas Constant, `R \approx 8.314463\ J*mol^{-1}*K^{-1}`

This formula assumes that the Ideal Gas Law applies i.e. the gas in under low to moderate pressure and temperature (pressure than 10 atm).

Definition of molar volume

The molar volume of a gas is the volume occupied by a mole of that gas.
The usual unit is liter/mol (m3/mol in the international system).

Examples of use

Under NTP (normal temperature and pressure), i.e. T = 0°C and P = 1 atm, one mole of gas always occupies 22.4 liters. Volume of a mole under NTP conditions = 22.4 liters.

Under STP conditions (Standard Temperature and Pressure), i.e. T = 25°C and P = 100 kPa, one mole of gas always occupies 24.8 liters. Volume of a mole under CATP conditions = 24.8 liters.

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