Bond order

`Bo = 1/2 * (Be -Ae)`
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This tool is a calculator of the bond order. The bond order is an indicator of the binding force between atoms and thus of the bond stability.

`Bo = 1/2 * (Be -Ae)`

Bo : bond order
Be: number of bonding electrons or number of electrons in bonding molecular orbital
Ae: number of antibonding electrons or number of electrons in antibonding molecular orbital

Examples of bond order calculations

Hydrogen - Hydrogen: bond order of H2 = 1
Helium - Helium: Bond order of He2 = 0
Oxygen - oxygen: Bond order of O2 = 2
Nitrogen - Nitrogen: Bond order of N2 = 3
Beryllium - Beryllium: Bond order of Be2 = 0
Carbon - Carbon: Bond order of C2 = 2
Nitrogen - Oxygen: Bond order of NO = 2.5
Fluorine - Fluorine: Bond order of F2 = 1
Carbon - Nitrogen: CN Bond order of = 2.5
Carbon - Oxygen: Bond order of CO = 3

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