3d Line Calculator

This tool calculates 3d line equations : parametric, cartesian and vector equations. It works also as a line equation converter.

3d Line Formulas


A : Point 1 on the line with coordinates (a b c)
B : Point 2 on the line with coordinates (d e f)
`vecv` : Direction vector

Direction Vector

`vecv : (d-a , e-b , f-c)`

Line Equations

Parametric Equation : `t in RR, {(x,=,a,+,t*d),(y,=,b,+,t*e),(z,=,c,+,t*f):}`

Cartesian Equation : `(x-a)/d = (y-b)/e = (z-c)/f`

Vector Equation : `vec(OA)+t*vecv`

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