Volume to Mass Converter

`m = rho*v`
This tool is a Volume to Mass Converter and density Calculator.
Enter 'x' in the field to be calculated.

This calculator has two purposes,
- It calculates the mass of a given volume of a substance of a known density (e.g. 'm3 to kg' conversion ).
- It computes the density of a material or object knowing its mass and volume.

We use the below formula in the calculator in which density can be either entered by the user or predefined for a selection of common substances like water, common metals (see list in above selection box),

`rho` : density in kg/m3 (kilogram per cubic meter)
m : mass in kg (kilogram)
V : volume in m3 (cubic meter)

`m = rho * V`

[1] - In the above calculator, predefinied densities for the following substances are under boiling temperature and a pressure of 1.013 bar,
- Liquid helium
- Liquid hydrogen
- Liquid nitrogen
- Liquid oxygen

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