ROT13 cipher

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Rot13 is a substitution cipher method used to encrypt text. The basic principle of Rot13 is to shift each letter of the alphabet by 13 positions. For example, the letter A becomes the letter N, the letter B becomes the letter O, and so on.

The encryption is reversible, so if you encrypt a text with Rot13, you can decrypt it by applying the same algorithm again. Rot13 is considered a very weak cipher and should not be used for secure communications.

ROT13 cipher example

Original Text: "How are you doing today?"

Encrypted Text in Rot13: "Ubj ner lbh qbvat gbqnl?"

To obtain this encrypted text, each letter has been shifted 13 positions in the alphabet. For instance, the letter H has been replaced with the letter U (which is 13 positions ahead in the alphabet), the letter I has been replaced with the letter V, and so on. If you apply the same method again to this encrypted text, you will obtain the original text.

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