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Experience the ease of generating random numbers for all your projects, with advanced customization options.
between -2000000000 and 2000000000
between -2000000000 and 2000000000
between 1 and 10000

Our online random number generator is an essential tool for mathematicians, scientists, and anyone needing series of randomly generated numbers. Whether it's for simulation experiments, statistical models, or gaming applications, this tool is designed to meet all your needs in random number generation.

Random Number Generator Usage Guide

The random number generator allows you to create a list of numbers following a uniform distribution within the range you specify. Below you will find a detailed explanation of each field in the form and its role in generating the numbers.

Setting Your Generation Interval

The 'Minimum Interval' and 'Maximum Interval' fields determine the bounds within which the numbers will be generated. For example, for a range from 0 to 1, enter 0 as the minimum and 1 as the maximum.

Determining the Volume of Random Numbers

The 'Number of Values' field specifies how many random numbers you wish to obtain. To produce 10 numbers, simply enter 10 in this field.

Choosing the Decimal Precision of Your Numbers

With the 'Number of Decimals' menu, you can choose how many decimal places will appear in each number. Select '2 decimal places' to obtain numbers like 0.75.

Customizing the Format of Your Number List

The 'List Separator' determines the character that will separate the numbers in the final output. Choose a semicolon (;) for a list such as 0.25; 0.50; 0.75; ....

Customizing Numeration Conventions

Adapt the display of your random numbers according to the numerical standards you are most comfortable with. You can choose the format that corresponds to the standards of your region or field of study.

  • Decimal Separator : Opt for a comma or a period to mark the boundary between units and decimals. For example, a number with a comma as the decimal separator will be displayed as 3,141.
  • Thousands Separator : Ease the reading of large numbers by choosing a space, dot, or comma to separate them into thousands. Thus, a thousand will be written as 1 000, 1.000, or 1000 depending on your selection.

These settings are particularly useful for professionals working with international data or for those who wish the results to correspond to scientific or commercial publication formats.

Practical Applications and Examples of Using the Generator

Our random number generation tool is versatile and serves in a variety of contexts:

  • Probability Teaching : Generate series of numbers for lessons on probability and statistics. For example, to explain the law of large numbers, generating 1,000 values between 0 and 1 could illustrate the convergence towards the average of 0.5.
  • Games and Lotteries : Create random sequences for games or lottery simulations. A random draw of 6 numbers between 1 and 49 can serve to simulate a lottery.
  • Scientific Research : Use random numbers to model complex phenomena or for statistical analyses in physics and biology. Generating a series of 20 numbers between -1,000 and 1,000 can help simulate temperature data for a climatic study.

FAQ on Random Number Generation

How does a random number generator work?
This type of tool uses complex algorithms to produce numbers that appear without any predetermined order or predictable pattern, thus offering a suite of values simulating randomness.
Are the generated numbers truly random?
Although technically they are pseudo-random, our algorithms ensure that the series of numbers are unpredictable and uniformly distributed for most practical applications.
Can the generator be used for critical applications?
Our generator is ideal for educational, research, and leisure applications. For critical uses such as cryptography or high-precision simulations, it is recommended to consult specialized tools offering additional guarantees in terms of security and randomization.


Don't wait any longer to discover the power and flexibility of our number generation tool. Try it now and simplify all your projects requiring randomness!

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