Preimage under a Polynomial

This calculator computes the Preimage under a Polynomial function. In others words, for a given value y0 and a Polynomial P(x), it calculates x0 such that P(x0) = y0.

How to use this calculator?

Variable Input a single-letter that is the polynomial variable. Examples :
polynomial = 4x+1 , then input variable = 'x'
polynomial = 9t + 5 , then input variable ='t'
Polynomial Are accepted :
  • The Polynomial variable
  • Polynomial coefficients : must be rational numbers e.g. integer numbers (-4) or fractions (1/4) or decimals (3.6).
  • Operators : + - * / ^ (the last is the power operator so x^2 = `x^2`)
  • Parentheses : an example of use is (x^2+1)(x-5)
Examples Polynomial = x^2-4x+1 (variable = 'x')
Polynomial = (x^2-1)(x-5)-3 (variable = 'x')
Polynomial = x^3-4/3*x^2+1 (variable = 'x')
Polynomial = 0.23*t^2-1/5*t+1/2 (variable = 't')
x = Input a number (integer or fraction or decimal) for which you want to calculate the image under the Polynomial. Example :
Enter x = 1/2 and the calculator will compute P(1/2), P being the polynomial you entered.

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