Plot Function Graph y = f(x)

Plots and compares the graphs of two functions y = f(x) anf y = g(x)
(g is not mandatory).

How to use this calculator ?

f(x) and g(x) : functions to plot (g is not mandatory). Note that the variable of f and g is always x.
xmin and xmax : range of x-coordinates to include in the plot.
ymin and ymax : range of y-coordinates to include in the plot.

You may input numbers, fractions, operators and common functions.
- Operators : + - * / and ^ (power)
- Constants : pi, e
- Common functions : sqrt (= square root), log, exp, etc
- Trigonometric functions : cos, sin, tan, cot, arccos, arcsin, arctan, arccot, etc
Authorized functions are listed in this calculator : authorized functions

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