Parallel Plate Capacitor

Calculates the capacitance of a Parallel Plate Capacitor with some dielectric material between the plates.
`C = epsilon_0*epsilon*A/d`

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This tool calculates the capacitance of a capacitor formed by two parallel plates and an insulating material between the plates.

`C = epsilon_0*epsilon*A/d`

C: capacitance of the formed capacitor in farad (F)
A: area of one of the two identical plates in square meter (m2)
d: distance between the parallel plates in meters (m)
`epsilon_0`: permittivity of vacuum in farad per meter (F/m)
`epsilon`: material relative permittivity (unitless)

Some calculation examples

The goal is to compare the capacitances obtained by varying the material between the two plates, all other things being equal.

We consider a capacitor formed by two conductive and parallel metal plates. An insulating material called dielectric material is inserted between the two plates. We suppose the following values,

Area of a plate: A = 30 cm2
Distance between the two plates: d = 0.5 mm
Vacuum permittivity = `` F/m

We suppose that all values are given under conditions of ambient temperature and low frequency.

The following list compares different materials and shows the obtained capacitance values. The only parameter that is varying is the relative permittivity of the material (`epsilon`).

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Vacuum ( `epsilon` = 1 ) , C = 0.0531 nF
Air ( `epsilon` = 1.000589 ) , C = 0.0532 nF
Teflon ( `epsilon` = 2.1 ) , C = 0.11 nF
Paper ( `epsilon` = 2.3 ) , C = 0.12 nF
Polystyrene ( `epsilon` = 2.5 ) , C = 0.13 nF
Concrete ( `epsilon` = 4.5 ) , C = 0.24 nF
Mica ( `epsilon` = 4.5 ) , C = 0.24 nF
Glass ( `epsilon` = 5 ) , C = 0.27 nF
Water ( `epsilon` = 80 ) , C = 4.25 nF

This list includes a limited set of materials but you may use the calculator by entering the relative permittivity of other materials like aluminium, tantalum, ceramic, plastic film, electrolytic dielectric, etc. Your feedbacks are welcome !

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