Net Present Value (non-periodic cash flows)

Calculates Net Present Value (NPV) of a series of non-periodic cash flows F1 F2 F3 ... occuring at dates d0 d1 d2... .

`NPV = F_0+F_1/(1+r)^((d_1-d0)/365)+F_2/(1+r)^((d_2-d_0)/365)+F_3/(1+r)^((d_3-d_0)/365)...` (see explanations below)

If cash flows are periodic (e.g., annually), this calculator would be more adapted NPV with periodic cash flows.

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How to use this calculator ?

Field "date format"

mm/dd/yyyy is the US format with the following rules,
• the day is written in two digits : input 11/02/2023 and not 11/2/2023.
• the month is also written in two digits : input 03/22/2023 and not 3/22/2023.
• the year is written in four digits : saisir 12/10/2024 and not 12/10/24.

dd/mm/yyyy format is the european format which follows the same rules as above except that the month and the day are reversed.

Field "Dates / cash flows"

• Input a single cash flow per line, preceded by its date.
Example of valid cash flow schedule,
02/03/2025 -12000
05/06/2025 6000
10/08/2026 6000

• The first line corresponds likely, though not necessarily, to the initial investment (input a negative value in this case as for all outgoing cash flows).
This first date is the origin date that is used to discount all others inputted cash flows.

• The origin date must be earlier than all other dates (otherwise an error message is displayed).
For other cash flows, the order of entry does not have to be chronological. The result table will display the cash flows in the order entered and not chronologically.

Field "discount rate"

Input an annual discount rate without the percentage symbol. For example, input 2.5 for 2.5%.

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