Least Common Denominator

Use this calculator to find the least common denominator of a list of fractions. Use spaces to separate the fractions.

How to rewrite multiple fractions with the same denominator

- If necessary, simplify the fractions (more details on Simplify a fraction.)
- Calculate the LCM (Least Common Multiple) of the denominators (more details on the LCM)

Example: Find common denominators of fractions `3/5`, `3/10`, and `1/2`

Fractions are irreducible, we proceed as follows,

LCM (5,10,2) = 10

Fractions are equal to,

`(3*2)/(5*2)`, `(3*1)/(10*1)` and `(1*5)/(2*5)`


`6/10`, `3/10` and `5/10`