Ideal Weight Calculator

This tool allows you to get an approximation of your ideal weight based on your height. Please note that this is a general estimate. For more personalized advice, it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional.

The Ideal Weight

It's important to understand that there isn't a universal "ideal weight" because many factors such as body composition, age, genetics, and even physical fitness can influence what might be a healthy weight for an individual. However, to get a general idea of what could be an ideal weight based on height, various formulas have been developed over the years.

The formula we use here is the Lorenz formula, a recognized method that provides an estimation of ideal weight based mainly on height.

Units used: Weight in kg and Height in cm.

For a male,
`\text{Weight} = \text{Height} - 100 - ( (\text{Height} - 150) /4 )`

For a female,
`\text{Weight} = \text{Height} - 100 - ( (\text{Height} - 150) /2.5 )`

However, keep in mind that this calculation provides an estimate. For a comprehensive assessment of your health or nutritional needs, it is always best to consult a healthcare professional or nutritionist.

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