Electrostatic force or Coulomb's law

`F = k*(q_1*q_2)/d^2`
Calculator of the electrostatic force between two charged bodies.
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This tool calculates the electrostatic force, called Coulomb force, between two electric charged objects according to Coulomb's law.

`F = k*(q_1*q_2)/d^2`

`F` : electrostatic force between the two objects 1 and 2 in newton (N)
k : Coulomb constant `k \approx 8.987551787368176*10^9 N.m^2.C^(−2)`
q1 : Charge of object 1 in coulomb (C)
q2 : Charge of object 2 in coulomb (C)
d : distance between the two objects in meter (m)

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