Conic Section Calculator

This tool determines the nature and the characteristics of a conic section from its equation. It includes Parabola, Ellipse, hyperbola and Circle.

How to use this calculator ?

To calculate the type and characteristics of a conic section, select its equation type and input the coefficients. You can input,

- Numbers
- Fractions
- Operators : + - * / ^ (power)
To input a square root, use 'power 1/2'. For example, square root of 5 = 5^(1/2)
- Constants : pi and e


Let's calculate the nature and details of the conic section of equation,


In the calculator, select the following Equation type : `A*x^2+B*y^2+C*x+D*y+E=0`

and input A = 4, B = 1 , C = 5 , D = -7 and E = 7

The result is the following calculator.

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