Compare two Fractions

Use this calculator to compare two fractions or a fraction and an integer. Use spaces as separator.

How to compare two fractions?

To compare two fractions, proceed as follows :
- If the two fractions do not have the same sign then the answer is obvious. The negative fraction will always be less than the positive fraction. Otherwise, proceed by following the steps below.
- Simplify fractions (more details on Simplify a fraction.)
- Rewrite the fractions with the same denominator : the common denominator is equal to the LCM or (Smallest Common Multiple) of the 2 denominators (more details on the LCM)
- Order the two fractions according to their numerators.

Example: compare `3/5` and `1/2`
Fractions are irreducible, we proceed to the same common denominator.

PPCM (5.2) = 10

Fractions are equal to

`(3*2)/(5*2)` and `(1*5)/(2*5)`


`6/10` and `5/10`

order the fractions according to numerators,

`5/10 < 6/10`


`1/2 < 3/5`