Circular sector


Circular Sector Formulas

The circular sector angle `\theta` is measured in radian in formulas below. To convert from radian to degree and Vice a Versa, you may use our calculator or formulas given below.

Circular Sector Area `A=R^2*\theta/2`

Arc length `s = R*\theta`

Chord length `c=2*R*sin(\theta/2)`

Circular Sector length Perimeter `P=s+2*R = R*(\theta + 2)`

Degree-radian conversion Formulas

To convert from radian to degree,
`\theta_(deg) = \theta_(rad) * 180/pi`

To convert from degree to radian,
`\theta_(rad) = \theta_(deg) * pi/180`

You may also use our calculator : Angle unit conversion

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