Borrowing Capacity

Regular income: land, investments, etc.
regular charges: rent, other real estate credit, conso, auto, paid pension, etc.

This free simulator calculates your real estate loan borrowing capacity based on your income and expenses. In estimates the maximum amount you can borrow from banks based on your income and expenses.
To estimate your debt capacity, you must enter:
- Your regular income: wages, premiums, property income, annuities, retirement pension, etc.
- Your recurring expenses such as rents you pay, repayments of other outstanding loans (real estate loans, car credit, or personal loan), alimony settled, etc.

This calculator takes into account a debt rate of 33% commonly accepted by banks. Below this threshold, banks will consider that you are solvent. The debt rate is calculated as follows,

Debt rate = Expenses/Revenues* 100

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